10-Step Process


The endless cycle of scraping and painting your home is not only expensive, it can disrupt your life for weeks at a time. That’s no longer necessary with TEX-COTE®. A single application is all you need to keep your home looking great and to protect it from the elements. Mid South Coatings is the only New Orleans home improvement contractor who can provide this superior coating product.

Our team of professionals has deep experience in exterior painting. Over the years we’ve developed a 10-step process that ensures your TEX-COTE® application will be completed quickly and efficiently. Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Inspection – We go over your home’s exterior in detail, identifying any damaged areas that may need to be repaired in order to provide a smooth and seamless surface for coating.
  2. Trenching – Where necessary, such as when your siding extends to the ground, we’ll dig a shallow trench around the bottom edge of your home’s exterior so that our TEX-COTE® coating will cover it completely.
  3. Pressure Washing – We’ll clean your home’s exterior thoroughly using a powerful press washing system.
  4. Repair & Patch – Any damaged or deteriorated areas that have been identified during our inspection are repaired or patched using our specially formulated TEX
  5. BOND® and FLEX PATCH® products. Few other companies doing exterior painting take the time to perform this important step.
    Masking – We carefully cover and mask all surfaces not being coated, including windows, doors, lawn, shrubs, walkways and driveways.
  6. Smooth Primer Applied – An important coat of COOLWALL® Smooth Primer goes on first, using a powerful spray application technique operating at a pressure of up to 3,000 psi. This layer goes on to stay!
  7. Coating Inspection – Before moving to the next coat we carefully reinspect the entire exterior to ensure full coverage, proper thickness and a uniform appearance.
  8. TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® Supercoat – At this point we apply a thick coat our patented TEX-COTE® exterior coating, also using high pressure application to ensure lasting, durable protection.
  9. TRIM-COTE® – Once the exterior walls have been protected, we turn our attention to your home’s trim around windows, doors and edges. These get the same level of attention, including repairs, caulking, primer and our special TRIM-COTE® application.
  10. Clean Up and Final Inspection – Once all surfaces have been properly coated our crew performs a complete clean up and final inspection, and goes over the entire home with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied.



Nobody pays as much attention to the details as Mid South Coatings. As a result you are assured of a permanent coating that is guaranteed to protect and beautify homes in Lafayette, New Orleans, and nearby Louisiana areas! Call us at (888) 291-0090 or complete our convenient online request form to schedule a free, no obligation estimate to protect your home with TEX-COTE®.

* Percentage of savings are based on the DOE study which showed savings ranging from 4.2-21.9%. Percentage of cooling costs and surface temperature reductions will vary based on color chosen, geographical location, climate condition, and substrate type. In some climates, there may be a heating penalty. See DOE supporting data for more information.

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