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Floor & Deck Coating

COOL-TEC® Heat-Reflective Floor & Deck Coating for Wood & Concrete Applications

Heat reflective floor & deck coating

Perfect for concrete and wood decks, walkways, patios, pool decks, and balconies; COOL-TEC® provides a much cooler, slip-resistant walking surface that is barefoot friendly. And because COOL-TEC® provides for lower surface temperatures (up to 40° difference), the reduction in radiant energy leads to enhanced durability and superior fade resistance.

Ideal for restoring worn or weathered concrete or wood deck surfaces, COOL-TEC® is thicker than ordinary coatings and does a superior job filling hairline cracks, covering splinters, and hiding all manner of flooring and deck imperfections. COOL-TEC® is available in over 570 heat-reflective colors, ensuring an ideal color match to your home or business design. With a five-year product warranty against defects, this advanced formulation incorporates glass microspheres that deliver superior scratch, abrasion, and burnish resistance.