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Vacation Giveaway

Coat Your Home & Win A Cruise

You Deserve A Vacation

Schedule a service with Mid South Coatings for the chance to Receive a Vacation Voucher for 2

Mid South Coatings gives you an exclusive chance to win a Vacation Voucher. Here, all you need to do is schedule a service with Mid South Coatings to be a part of this contest. Lucky winners will get a chance to have a luxury vacation voucher. By using this voucher, you can travel on a top cruise and stay at top resorts of your choice.

Act NOW! Schedule a service with Mid South Coatings and stand a chance to grab this fantastic offer.

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Every prize given away is a trip for 2. To be eligible to win, you must meet the following requirements: Must be 21 & older to register; must have an exterior coating job ordered with Mid South Coatings and paid in full.

I really have to thank Mid South Coatings for adding such value to my home. If you are thinking about changing the color of your home, you should give Mid South Coatings an opportunity to show you what they can do for you.

– Michael & Susan W., Metairie, LA –