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Kevin Mmahat

Across the Gulf South region, MidSouth Coatings has earned a reputation for superior work and exceptional customer service, thanks to the quality of our people. Our team, led by former Major League Baseball professional Kevin Mmahat, are professionals in their approach, paying special attention to the details and always delivering the best value for your home improvement investment.

Every MidSouth Coatings employee Kevin manages is trained, experienced, talented, and focused on providing you with the most advanced exterior home coatings on the market today, fully supported by an industry-leading warranty. In fact, Kevin keeps everyone on his staff fully trained on the latest coating tech and application methods—maybe it’s because as a former major league pitcher, Kevin believes preparation is everything.

We derive great satisfaction in helping our neighbors make their homes more comfortable, attractive, and valuable. We’re fully committed to taking a team approach to every project. And we want to earn your trust, just as we have in Lafayette, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge; across the state of Mississippi in Gulfport and Biloxi; and all the way from Gulf Shores, AL to Destin, FL.

MidSouth Coatings' 10-Step process delivers a great result, every time.

Only MidSouth Coatings offers the next-gen COOLWALL® system, the most advanced exterior home coating on the market today. Our 10-step process ensures that your residential or commercial exterior application will be completed proficiently and on-time. Nobody beats our lifetime guarantee, and nobody pays as much attention to the details as MidSouth Coatings. Trust us to provide a professional application and eliminate the high cost and hassle of repeatedly painting your home, forever.

Step 1: Inspection

MidSouth Coating’s professional staff inspects your home’s exterior in detail, identifying any damaged areas that may need to be repaired in order to provide a seamless surface for coating.

Step 2: Trenching

Experienced team members will dig a shallow trench around the bottom edge of your home’s exterior to ensure complete coverage.

Step 3: Pressure Washing

Using a powerful pressure washing system, our pros will thoroughly clean your home’s exterior, carefully removing any loose dirt for a smooth surface.

Step 4: Repair & Patch

Our expert craftsmen will repair or patch any damaged or deteriorated areas identified during our inspection using our specially formulated filler, TEX-BOND® & FLEX PATCH® products.

Step 5: Masking

Very few home exterior coatings companies or painters take the time to perform this important step. We carefully cover and mask all surfaces that are not being coated, including windows, doors, lawn, shrubs, walkways and driveways.

Step 6: Primer Application

Operating at a pressure of up to 3,000 psi, our team completely and thoroughly applies a coat of our COOLWALL® primer, a product so innovative, it set the industry standard.

Step 7: Inspection

Before the next coat is applied, we carefully reinspect the entire exterior to ensure full, uniform, and proper coverage.

Step 8: COOLWALL® Supercoat

Our pros apply your COOLWALL® color to exterior walls in the proper and uniform thickness to ensure lasting, durable protection that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Step 9: TRIM-COTE®

Once the exterior walls are thoroughly covered, our experienced team inspects, repairs, caulks, primes and applies a specially formulated and patented TRIM-COTE® product to the home’s trim around windows, doors, and edges.

Step 10: Clean Up/Final Inspection

Our crew performs a complete clean-up and final inspection of the worksite. Then, we walk the house with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with all our efforts.