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Myths About Ceramic Microspheres

Get the Facts – Not the Hype – About Ceramic Microspheres.

Ceramic micro-spheres have been touted as providing superior performance in exterior coatings. But the facts simply don’t back up these claims. Here’s the truth.

A number of coatings manufacturers and exterior painting companies are marketing coatings that contain ceramic micro-spheres that are supposed to be heat reflective and provide energy savings by lowering exterior surface temperatures. However, science does not support these claims. The so-called “nanotechnology” of the ceramic micro-spheres simply does virtually nothing to affect the reflective or insulating properties of the coating as it is applied.

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged at least one of these coating manufacturers (Kryton Coatings International, Inc.) for making unsubstantiated claims, saying that there is no “solid verifiable evidence” that the company’s coatings can reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent. An official at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Laboratory has stated, “There are many manufacturers out there deceiving the public with the fictitious paints containing magical fu fu dust ceramic beads and nano-particles that reflect the energy away – this is all craziness. These coatings companies are unethical… bad apples in the industry.”

Why Ceramic Micro-Spheres Don’t Work.

Some companies selling coatings with embedded ceramic micro-spheres base their energy savings claims on the principle that the embedded “beads” are hollow, creating an “air barrier” that reduces thermal conductivity. For comparison’s sake, fiberglass batting only offers an R-value of 3 for every inch of batting installed. A typical coating of ceramic micro-spheres is only about 0.01” thick – hardly enough to make any difference in the R-value of a wall.

Other manufacturers claim their ceramic micro-spheres reflect heat to reduce the temperature of the wall to which they are applied. But they only conducted tests using white coatings, which achieved no more reflective values than a non-ceramic coating of the same color.

TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® Delivers Proven Performance.

Mid South Coatings patented TEX-COTE® coating product uses advanced reflective pigments to actually achieve the results that are only claimed by micro-sphere based coatings. The pigments we use in our coatings use technology developed for the U.S. Navy and the reflective coatings found on advanced “stealth” aircraft. They work.

A study by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has proven that “solar radiation control is an effective means to decrease energy needs for cooling.” COOLWALL® coatings reflects a significant percentage of non-visible infrared heat to keep the underlying wall cooler, while still allowing a choice of vibrant colors.

Don’t be fooled by unproven claims made by other exterior coatings. Only TEX-COTE® from Mid South Coatings provides proven protection and energy savings.

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