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A brand new year calls for a brand new look for your home, and you can achieve this by taking bold measures with your exterior colors. You’ll want your home to leap out of the background while still complementing the houses in your neighborhood.

To help you strike that balance, your reliable New Orleans home improvement contractor from Mid South Coatings suggests trying these exterior color combinations.

1. Using Earthy Colors

You can set off both the beauty of your home and the rich Louisianan landscape by incorporating earthy colors for your exteriors. Use soft, chocolate brown for your siding, accentuated by dark olive front steps and foundation. A lighter olive for window trims will complement the color in your front steps. Make your entry door pop out of the cocoa-colored siding by painting it a bold russet with orange undertones.

2. Using Calming Shades of Blue and Gray

Gray won’t be dull or drab if you pair it with white and slate blue. You can make your home an austere cloud among the greenery with these light, calm colors. Use slate blue for your front door and a smooth white for the trim. Pearly gray on your home’s siding provides solidity to the structure. If you want to jumpstart the year with a smart, clean look for your home, these color combinations will be an excellent choice.

3. Using Bold, Refreshing Tones

Integrate the bright and fresh color of the tropics with tangerine, aquamarine, and white. For your siding, choose a spotless white since it goes with anything. A soft color like aquamarine applied to the trim and shutters can accentuate the pristineness of the body. Adding a bold splash of tangerine for the door provides much-needed zest to your exteriors.

If you want to learn more about great color combinations you can use for your home’s exterior, turn to Mid South Coatings. We are the premier coating company in Covington, Louisiana that homeowners trust to enhance their home’s look. We use the patented TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® system for our service, ensuring lovely and durable exterior colors that can also provide you considerable energy savings.

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