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Your home’s paint plays a big role in its curb appeal. It’s a lasting choice that reflects who you are and your preferences. What few people realize is that coatings are a far better option. Mid South Coatings looks at three reasons to hire them and recommends a superior option for your home’s needs.

1. A Beautiful Option
Exterior painting in Lafayette, Louisiana, stands on the many color options that they come in. Mid South Coatings also offers a wide range of colors. The difference between our choices and the competition is that we make sure to include all the finer gradients between different popular hues. This takes into account shifting appearances that come with the seasons and even the times of day. With the coating options we have, along with the expert advice from our team of professionals, you will find the perfect color choice.

2. A Long Lasting Choice
Our main coating product is TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®. It incorporates Fade Block™ technology. Built into the coating itself, this bars the ill effects of climate on the coating. This works especially well in the sub-tropical climate of Louisiana, where the humidity and heat readily degrades standard paints rather quickly. This results in higher long-term costs, as you pay to constantly keep your paint job looking great. With Mid South Coatings, you’ll invest once in the coating and see it outlast every other option out there.

3. Money and Energy Saver
When you are looking for a top exterior painting contractor in New Orleans, LA, you should consider the overall energy efficiency of the products they offer. Mid South Coatings offers Kynar® IR, which blocks UV and IR light that produces much of the heat internally. It does so through reflective particles baked into the coating itself. This keeps things comfortable in your home and saves you money off your energy bills monthly.

Why settle for paint that costs much but doesn’t last? Go for Mid South Coatings and you enjoy a great look balanced by a long lifecycle. Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with more information.