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While siding serves as pretty reliable protection from the elements and the variances in temperature, getting reliable coating makes for an excellent investment. Naturally, it is still an investment, so you will want to hire the best to handle your home’s coating. Mid South Coatings presents three great reasons why you should hire us today.

We apply this coating system for lower energy costs. Roughly thicker than their competitors, TEX-COTE® stands as one of the best brands for exterior coating in New Orleans, LA, that you can get. An elastomeric coating, TEX-COTE’s flexibility allows it to effectively and efficiently fill in pores and cracks better that equivalent competing paints or coating. This elasticity also ensures that the coating reacts appropriately to changing climate conditions, always remaining in the best shape possible. None of this compromises appearance, as TEX-COTE products come in a range of colors.

2. Green Technology
Many reflective pigments permeate TEX-COTE coating materials. Depending on the specific color of the coating itself, these pigments can be up to 200% more reflective than traditional paints. This makes TEX-COTE extremely effective at reflecting harmful UV rays. This lowers your dependence on air conditioning, which often releases harmful Freon into the atmosphere. Apart from saving off your monthly bills, you also contribute to preserving the environment.

3. Warranties
Mid South Coatings offers the longest warranties on all our options for external coating in Covington, LA. As a baseline, we offer a Lifetime Product Warranty on all TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® products covering flaking, peeling, blistering, chipping, and fading. We also provide a five-year window to transfer this warranty should you opt to sell your home within that time. Lastly, we also cover our labor and workmanship for up to three years. For every other product, we provide a ten-year warranty.

Great brands, quality workmanship, energy-savings, and industry-beating warranties are what you get when you hire Mid South Coatings. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to provide you with more information.