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One of the easiest ways to spruce up your home is to invest in exterior painting. This home improvement project can help boost curb appeal while also letting you express your creativity. Before deciding to paint your home a bright neon shade, however, you should consider a few essential things.

Mid South Coatings, the expert in exterior painting in Metairie, LA, shares four these handy tips on choosing the right exterior color scheme for your home:

  1. Look around your neighborhood for inspiration. You want your home to stand out but you don’t want it to look out of place on the entire street. To help with this, drive around your neighborhood and note the prominent colors in other houses. You don’t have to pick the exact same color scheme as your neighbor’s, of course. At least choose a palette that allows your home to blend in with the other homeowner’s. Then you can add some minor color accents to make your home stick out.
  2. Plan around exterior elements that are difficult to change. These include your roof shingles, stonework, driveways, and pathways. Since these elements will remain in place, take them into consideration when choosing a scheme for your exterior painting in Mandeville, LA.
  3. Consider your home’s architectural style. Your exterior color palette will also depend on your home’s style. Some colors, in fact, are already associated with specific architecture. Colonial homes, for instance, predominantly feature white, black, or gray. Victorian-style homes, on the other hand, go for more fanciful colors like violet, blue-gray, or rust-red. While you don’t have to adhere strictly to the historic guidelines, don’t stray too far from them either.
  4. Choose three or more different paint colors. An exterior color scheme has three major parts. This includes a dominant field color, an accent color for doors and shutters, and trim color for door or window casings, roof edges, plus other trim work. It’s ideal that the trim color contrasts with the field color. Accent colors, however, are free for all—just don’t go overboard.

Consulting the expert in exterior painting in Lafayette, LA, for color suggestions won’t hurt either. Mid South Coatings is the premier company you can trust with your home painting needs. With our high-end options and expert crew, we’ll help you pick the right exterior color scheme for your lovely home.

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