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Reliable home protection is difficult to find these days even amidst the spate of choices available to the consumer. The problem lies in finding a product that balances out strong protection and affordability. Mid South Coatings looks at the four biggest benefits of TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® and why it makes a great investment for your home.

1. Affordability
As it is applied to a pre-existing exterior, TEX-COTE COOLWALL keeps its price more affordable. Beyond this advantage, you also get much more savings when it comes to labor. Not only is this easier to apply, but your New Orleans home improvement contractor will not have to spend more to get it on your home.

2. Comfort
The main advantage of TEX-COTE COOLWALL lies in the special reflective pigments that come within the product itself. These pigments effectively lower the surface temperatures of your exterior walls by as much as 40°F. This translates to lower interior temperatures, assuring you of greater comfort.

3. Energy-Savings
When tested by the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TEX-COTE COOLWALL outperformed many of its contemporaries. You can expect as much as 21.9% savings when you get this special coating on your exterior surfaces. The thickness of this particular product also serves as a physical barrier to heat. You become less reliant on artificial air conditioning and heating as a result.

4. Aesthetics
Lastly, the leading coating company in Covington, Louisiana, recommends TEX-COTE COOLWALL because it comes in a range of colors. All of the colors retain the great overall energy efficiency that makes the product worthwhile. With their patented Fade Block protection, TEX-COTE COOLWALL doesn’t ever fade and stays great looking for longer.

Enjoy energy savings and protection on top of a great looking coat. TEX-COTE COOLWALL makes for a great, beautiful long-term investment. Contact Mid South Coatings today and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with more information.