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Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, so it only makes sense to protect it, including your exteriors. A common problem with conventional exteriors is that it needs repainting every few years.

Fortunately, there’s TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®, a revolutionary coating system that is not only extremely durable but also energy-efficient. Mid South Coatings, your leading exterior painting contractor in New Orleans, LA, uses this because:

1. It’s Permanent TEX-COTE COOLWALL only has to be applied once. The thick coating creates a permanent yet breathable seal that will not fade, peel, or flake.

2. It’s Energy Efficient Visible light is less than half of what humans can actually see from sunlight; the rest is invisible infrared rays that carry solar heat. For a home or commercial structure to be energy-efficient, it should be able to reflect or filter infrared rays. This reduces the need for interior cooling, therefore helping reduce energy costs. Your home would likely already have energy-efficient features like windows with reflective and low-E coatings or light-colored cool roofing that reflects and releases heat. While most exteriors require light colors to reflect solar heat, TEX-COTE COOLWALL reflects solar heat no matter what the chosen color is. You can choose more aesthetically pleasing dark colors and still enjoy the cooling benefits. With TEX-COTE COOLWALL, you can save as much as 21.9% on your energy bills.

3. It Has Consistent Quality – As the expert exterior painting company in Baton Rouge, LA, with strict installation standards, we closely adhere to TEX-COTE COOLWALL’s 10-step installation process. This ensures that every single installation conforms to the high standards TEX-COTE has set.

4. Lifetime Warranty – We back every TEX-COTE COOLWALL installation with a lifetime warranty. Why paint again? You can also transfer this warranty to the next homeowner.

If you’re ready to break the cycle of maintaining your home’s exterior, , call the trusted exterior painting in Lafayette, Louisiana, today. You can reach us at our (888) 291-0090 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free no-obligation estimate.