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Finding the right exterior color for your wall and roof can be challenging at times. The good news is that there are many resources that you can use for your project. You can also hire exterior paint specialists like Mid South Coatings to help you make the right decision. Keep in mind that although you’re not obligated to choose a color that everyone else in your neighborhood uses, you should still consider your surroundings and nearby houses.

Today, your New Orleans home improvement contractor will give you tips for choosing the right color for your home. Here are four of them:

1. Research your available color selections. Careful planning is one of the major keys to a successful exterior painting project, so explore your options. Watch home improvement shows on TV and research online. You might also want to visit a couple of showrooms to get some ideas, like which colors go well together and which don’t. This way, you can learn about your picks and exhaust your available resources. These are practical yet effective steps that will contribute to the success of your project.

2. Start with the parts that are hardest to change. Your next step is to consider the more challenging areas, such as your roof shingles, driveways, and trails. Imagine how a certain color palette would look when combined with these natural elements. According to Houzz.com, you should look for undertones between these components and pick colors that will tie these elements together. Common colors that do just that include shades of browns and blues.

3. Consider the architectural design of your home. Another smart tip that you can use when selecting an exterior color is considering the architectural design of your home. Some popular home styles in New Orleans are creole cottage, American townhouse, California-style bungalow, and double-gallery. Once you’ve identified your existing architectural design, imagine how a certain color palette would look on it. Be sure to pick a color that will do justice to the unique features of your home.

4. Incorporate your personal style and preference. Lastly, enjoy the entire process. Go ahead and integrate your favorite color. Whether it’s a bold shade or a neutral one, don’t hesitate to combine it with other colors. To make sure that the whole thing works well, consult local experts like Mid South Coatings. We offer a wide range of color selections for homeowners to choose from. We also give our two cents on which color set works best for homes.

Our exterior coating in Lafayette, Louisiana has TEX-COTE®, which makes it long lasting. They also offer excellent energy savings since they help you rely less on your HVAC systems. We don’t just paint homes; we protect them.

We hope that these tips will be helpful in your exterior painting project. To learn more about our products and services, call us today at (888) 291-0090. We will be ready to answer your questions and guide you to what’s best for your home.