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When you’re a business owner, protecting your commercial property from extreme weather conditions is a top priority. Mold, mildew, and water penetration can all be a liability to your property and everything inside it. Take preventive measures and protect your building through excellent coating services.

Mid South Coatings—improvement contractors for superb exterior painting in Metairie, LA and Lafayette—can match your needs. Our TEXT-COTE® COOLWALL® system provides absolute protection and durability to your investment. Since you won’t need to repaint for a very long time, our technology offers the best solution to expensive painting and maintenance issues.

It also offers:

1. Beauty and Style

TEXT-COTE COOLWALL comes in a variety of colors and attractive finishes. Enjoy the benefits of heightened curb appeal with colors like Cape Cod Blue, Whisper Gray, and many more. We have every color under the prism for your aesthetic needs.

2. Energy Efficiency

TEX-COTE COOLWALL helps reduce energy consumption and cost. By lowering the temperature of your building’s exterior walls by up to 40 degrees, it keeps your interior spaces comfortably cool. The reduced strain on your air conditioning and commercial refrigeration system can result in up to 21.9 percent in lowered energy costs.

3. Protection

It is thicker than paint, providing maximum defense against water penetration. It also means it’s the perfect coating choice for the humid Louisiana weather.

4. Prestige

The world uses 3 thousand gallons of TEXT-COTE products every day. This speaks for the system’s excellent reputation for protection and durability. It is the top choice for exterior painting in Lafayette, LA and Metairie. From office buildings to retail stores to schools and manufacturing facilities, TEXT-COTE offers superior protection and aesthetic appeal.

5. Manufacturer Warranty

TEXT-COTE COOLWALL offers a powerful manufacturer warranty. This protects you and your business property at the same time.

Preserve your investment and reduce your energy costs with TEX-COTE COOLWALL from Mid South Coatings. We are the top-notch contractor for commercial exterior coating in major Louisianan cities and along the Mississippi shore. Together, we can improve your business property with our team of skilled experts and quality coating services.

To learn more about us and get a free estimate for our services, give us a call at (888) 291-0090.