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Strong warranty coverage is one of the major advantages of TEX-COTE® coating products over painting solutions. Even if you want to keep the same home exterior forever, a makeover must always be an option, not a necessity caused by defects. The TEX-COTE COOLWALL® coating system is a one-time investment that delivers superior performance and adds tremendous home value.

Here’s some information on its warranty features you wouldn’t find with any exterior painting solution on the market:

Lifetime Protection Against Damage

The TEX-COTE COOLWALL is designed to stay in good shape for a lifetime. It’s guaranteed not to flake, blister, chip, peel and fade for as long as it’s applied to your home.

In a subtropical climate, it’s not uncommon for an exterior painting solution to develop cosmetic imperfections faster than you would expect. In turn, the substrate would be exposed to harsh elements and succumb to deterioration fast.

But with the TEX-COTE COOLWALL coating system, expect exterior walls to have uncompromising protection against the punishment of nature. The intense heat and heavy rain are no threat to its integrity. You may be able to save a considerable amount of money over several years.

5-Year Transferability

The TEX-COTE COOLWALL warranty has a 5-year transfer option to the next owner of your home. If you’re considering putting your home on the market in the near future, it can add equity.

3-Year Labor Coverage

Unlike many other exterior painting contractors, we provide a robust three-year workmanship guarantee. We’ll take full accountability for any errors we may commit, immediately correcting them to bring the quality of coating back up to our high standards.

Add value to your home with the TEX-COTE COOLWALL coating system. Call Mid South Coatings to talk about your project and schedule your free, no-obligation estimate in Metairie, Mandeville or Lafayette, LA.