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Just as in roof replacement or window installation, the key to maximizing your home’s exterior coating is a matter of making the right decisions. You need to consider the right factors before choosing a coating option to make the most out of your investment. Here are four essentials you should consider to determine the most suitable exterior coating for your home:

  • Function

One of the most essential features of exterior coating is its energy efficiency. If you’re looking to improve the energy-saving properties of your home, you should be particular about specific efficiency levels. Keep in mind, though, that the local climate and your current exterior color have an effect on the energy efficiency of any coating, so be sure you take the time to research on possible options. It would also be smart to consult a professional to make sure you’re getting the ideal exterior coating for boosting your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Home Style

While considering function, don’t forget form as well. If your home has plain and drab exterior surfaces, the right exterior coating could add a more dynamic finish to the overall style. Exterior coatings are a good option for homes with more traditional themes as they have the ability to preserve their old-world charm through advanced processes. For traditional homes, the ideal colors are in the neutral palette, such as white, cream and beige. These coatings can also work for contemporary home styles; simply pick a coating with the right texture and palette that will go well with the rest of your home’s design, and you can make even the dullest parts of your exterior look more ravishing.

  • Warranty

Since exterior coating is expected to last for a long period, you wouldn’t want short-term warranties that will be rendered useless after a few years or so. Before signing any contract, be sure to check the warranty and understand its scope to ensure added protection, allowing you to make the most of your investment.

  • Contractor

No matter the type of exterior coating you’re getting, proper application is important, which is why you need to get help from a professional specializing particularly in the coating you’re interested in. To help your peace of mind, it would also be smart to choose an exterior coating contractor who is certified by your chosen brand to make sure your new coating will be applied according to manufacturer standards.

With the importance of proper exterior coating application, finding the right contractor should be at the top of your priority list. Learn how to spot a good exterior coating company in Part 3 of this blog series.