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TEX-COTE®’s REFLECT-TEC™ is the ultimate cool roofing solution. This coating system makes your home comfortable naturally and profoundly. It also reduces the urban heat island effect. The leading New Orleans home improvement contractor, Mid South Coatings, sheds light on REFLECT-TEC’s desirable qualities:

Resistant to Dirt, Mold, and Other Eyesores

This coating solution effectiveness lies on its reflectivity and resistance to heat-absorbing elements. It resists dirt, mold, mildew, and other organic growths like algae and moss, preventing your roof surface from overheating. This ensures that the entire roofing system could easily deflect solar radiation and keep things cool. In addition, your roof would require less maintenance and last longer without compromise.

Applicable to Any Roofing Material

We can apply REFLECT-TEC to any type of roofing material. From slate tiles to rubberized surfaces, this exterior coating in Lafayette, Louisiana, will suit almost all residential and commercial roofs today.

Available in a Variety of Fade-Proof Colors

Ordinary cool roofing solutions usually come in white, but REFLECT-TEC is available in a broad range of hues. This means you no longer have to sacrifice beauty for efficiency. Thanks to its FADE BLOCK™ technology, this coating system wouldn’t endure solar damage. It also comes with a 10-year product warranty, guaranteeing your roof’s rich appearance for a long period of exposure to detrimental UV rays.

Recognized by the Cool Roof Rating Council

REFLECT-TEC has gotten the nod of the CRRC, an esteemed non-profit organization that rates cool roofing solutions. As your trusted coating company in Covington, Louisiana, we know that this recognition ensures a better home through its numerous benefits.

By meeting CRRC’s strict standards, you ensure quality when you choose REFLECT-TEC. This advanced coating technology is the smart solution to retrofit energy-efficient features to your old but still intact roof. It delays the need for a costly replacement project and even updates the look of your home.

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