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Your home’s exterior walls play a big role in contributing to your house’s overall frontage and curb appeal. As a result, it’s important to choose the right exterior painting for your walls. There’s plenty to choose from, so which is the right one for your home?

Mid South Coatings discusses how below.

Color and Architectural Style

When you’re choosing an exterior color, it should always match your house’s architectural style. You can’t paint your classic Craftsman-style home with hot pink or burn orange exterior, for example; it doesn’t just look tacky, it will make your house stand out for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re not sure which color to choose that respects your home’s architectural style, then let our exterior painting companyhelp you. We have a range of color options, from classic Calliope to Amber White, and you can count on us to pick the right color for you.

Color and UV Light

The color of your exterior walls actually plays a big role in determining how energy-efficient your home is. It’s no secret that lighter colors and shades should be your choice; on the other hand, darker tones and shades will absorb heat. As a general rule, you only use darker paint colors to accentuate details. For the rest, stick with lighter colors and shades. The lighter the color, the more potent its reflective property.

Don’t Stick to One Color

Choosing just one color for your exteriors is a common mistake many homeowners make. As our exterior painting contractor knows all too well, the exterior scheme is made up of three parts: field color, accent color, and trim color. As we mentioned earlier, accent colors should be darker, but what about the rest?

For field color, this is your main color scheme, so this is where the lighter paint color goes. Accent color, on the other hand, is for the window and door casings as well as the roof edge. The color you pick here should always contrast the field color so that you give your exterior more depth.

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