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Energy efficiency is fast becoming a much sought-after feature in homes today, given the struggles with global warming and the need for more savings. A cool roof is one way to achieve energy efficiency. These are designed to reflect sunlight away and absorb less heat. Mid South Coatings looks at cool roofs and the many ways these can benefit you.

What makes a roof cool?

As the top exterior paint contractor in New Orleans, LA, we know that one key to cool roofing is in its highly reflective paint. Sheet covering or even reflective tiles and shingles certainly help, as well. Cool roofs feature the ability to turn away heat and reflect it away by relying on lighter colors. Darker colors, in contrast, can reach temperatures upwards of 150 °F because these take in all the heat.

Why does cool roofing matter?

For your home or business, cool roofing brings three great benefits worth looking out for:

  • Cool roofs will lower your energy bills monthly. When less heat is absorbed, your interiors stay cooler. This means that you’ll be less likely to reach for the remote controlling your A/C.
  • If you don’t have air conditioning, then a cool roof will help keep your interiors comfortable without the need to get one.
  • In terms of the state or health of your roofing, decreasing the temperature of your roof helps to extend the service life of your roof.

If you’re concerned for the environment beyond your home and building, a cool roof also has these great benefits:

  • Cool roofs also reduce the local air temperatures, decreasing the urban heat island effect.
  • These lower the peak load on the power grid, which can help prevent outages.
  • These also reduce emissions from power-producing facilities.

These benefits don’t necessarily require a specific type of roof, as part of the cool effect depends on your exterior painting in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Mid South Coatings is all about offering the most practical and beneficial options for our customers. Through our many services and options, we provide you with cool roofs that will save you money and increase your comfort. Check out the second part of this series where we cover a particularly good product—REFLEC-TEC®–used for effective coating. You may also reach out to us and we’ll be happy to talk about our products and services.