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Increasing your home’s energy performance can do wonders for your home. Efficient products cut down on HVAC use without affecting indoor comfort, resulting in more savings. The trusted name in exterior coating in New Orleans, LA, Mid South Coatings, recommends you invest in TEX-COTE®’s COOLWALL®. Here’s why:

Makes Your Walls 40° Cooler

This innovative exterior coating solution has advanced reflective pigments that reflect a large amount of heat energy from the sun. They’re actually the same coloring substances used by the US Navy for their ships.

If you use this type of exterior coating in Covington, LA, for your walls, you can reduce their temperature by up to 40°. That means your interior would feel more comfortable whatever the season.

Cutting Your Energy Use

The cooler your home, the less air conditioning it needs. COOLWALL complements your cool roof in keeping your rooms from overheating, especially when the sun is at its most intense. To put things into perspective, a Department of Energy study revealed that COOLWALL reduces energy consumption and cost by around 4.2% to 21.9%. This coating system can take home’s efficiency several notches higher.

Extending the Life of Your Air Conditioner

With COOLWALL, your air conditioner no longer needs to work as hard as it does to keep you comfortable. Just like with other appliances, straining your cooling unit cuts years off its life span. COOLWALL exterior coating in Baton Rouge, LA, eases the job of your cooling system. Your home would stay comfortable for years without the added energy cost.

Choosing COOLWALL is saying yes to an energy-efficient home. Mid South Coatings is happy to help you with your home improvement project. To request a free estimate for your residential or commercial project, call us today at (888) 291-0090. You can also fill out our convenient contact form.