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Exteriors typically require repainting every few years. You can break the cycle of scraping and painting with a single application of TEX-COTE® products such as COOLWALL®. Imagine having beautiful exterior that resists fading, prevents moisture absorption, and improves your home’s energy efficiency. As the expert in exterior painting in Metairie, LA, Mid South Coatings follows a 10-step installation process. This ensures consistent, quick, and efficient installation. Here is how it works:

1. Inspection We perform an initial inspection and identify areas that require repairs, including areas that are peeling, flaking, or otherwise damaged.

2. Trenching We then dig a shallow trench around the exteriors to allow application below the grass line. This helps limit the capillary action of ground moisture and prevent potential damage to the house’s foundations.

3. Pressure washing We clean the exteriors using a powerful pressure wash system, removing dirt, stains, and loose material. It also removes surface mildew and algae while revealing areas that may require repair. The cleaned surface allows a tight bond for the later coating process.

4. Repairs and patching We address the areas identified in steps 1 and 3 by patching and repairing as needed. We use TEX-COTE’s specially formulated TEX-BOND® and FLEX PATCH® to create a sound and uniform surface for coating.

5. Masking We mask surfaces such as windows and doors to ensure a professional-looking coat. We also cover shrubbery and bushes for protection against overspray.

6. Smooth primer application We apply a base layer of TEX-COTE COOLWALL using a powerful spray application technique, operating at a pressure of up to 3,000 psi.

7. Primer inspection We conduct a second thorough inspection to ensure full coverage and a uniform appearance for your exterior painting in Mandeville, LA. We also address any irregularities at this point.

8. TEX-COTE COOLWALL application Once the primary layer has settled, we apply a thick coat of TEX-COTE COOLWALL using a similar spray method. This coating features cooling properties that reflect solar heat away from your home, helping reduce your energy costs by up to 21.9%.

9. TRIM-COTE® application We then remove the masking and apply TRIM-COTE to the previously masked areas to provide the same level of protection as COOLWALL does.

10. Cleanup and final inspection Lastly, we clean your lawn, shrubs, and other surfaces. We then we perform a final cleanup and inspection.

Few painting processes come close to the consistency and quality of TEX-COTE products. If you’re interested in exterior painting in Lafayette, LA, call Mid South Coatings today at (888) 291-0090. You can also fill out our contact form to schedule a free no-obligation estimate.