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Practically everyone knows that painting (or repainting) one’s home can do wonders. But did you also know that there are options other than paint that you can use to coat your home in a similar manner? These products, called exterior coatings, offer homeowners quite a few more attractive benefits that paint alone can’t.

What is exterior coating?

An exterior coating is basically a substance designed to form a watertight seal over a home’s exterior, usually the siding. There are various kinds of exterior coating, many of which can easily be mistaken as ordinary paint, a coating substance with which more homeowners are familiar.

So how is an exterior coating actually different from paint?

Technically, paint also counts as an exterior coating, but that’s where the similarity ends. Paint is applied mainly to brighten up an existing color, or when you’d like a change of color. On the other hand, exterior coatings are applied not just to improve your home aesthetically, but for other purposes as well, such as improving your home’s energy efficiency or water resistance.

Different options, different purposes

Common paint options available include acrylic, enamel, and latex, among others, but as mentioned earlier, all are mainly used to add color to your home. On the other hand, exterior coatings are commonly classified according to their primary purpose – thus, there’s thermally-insulated coating, or weatherproof coating, for instance. Moreover, not all exterior coatings come with a distinct color; you can choose between clear and colored coating, depending on your personal preferences.

Different coatings, different substances

When people think about coating, most people picture a smooth layer of liquid being applied onto their home’s exterior, whether with an airbrush or with paint rollers. There are, however, some kinds of exterior coating that add a distinct texture to the surface on which it is being applied. These kinds of coating, aptly-named textured coating, has a mix of resins and sometimes, metals embedded in the substance itself. Many exterior coatings also include controlled amounts of fungicide in the mix to prevent mold from growing. Exterior coatings are actually a better alternative to paint – coatings aren’t just long-lasting, they also offers a plethora of advantages in addition to just giving your home a fresh pop of color.

How, exactly, can exterior coating be of added value to your home? Find out the answer in the second part of this series.