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Exterior coatings may be available in all types, textures, and colors, but use any of them on your home and you can get some, if not all of the following benefits that mere paint can’t provide.

Water resistance

Thick layers of paint may keep water from penetrating your home’s exterior, but it still won’t be totally waterproof. On the other hand, some kinds of exterior coating do form a watertight membrane over the surface of your home’s exterior once properly set. High-end coatings also let the home “breathe” by allowing moisture from inside to evaporate while repelling external moisture.

Energy efficiency

Light-colored paint may help reflect away the UV rays that hit your home’s exterior, but most (around 90%!) still end up getting absorbed, causing the home to either heat up within or to suffer from UV damage. Special exterior coating reflects more UV rays away from your home and reduces the wear and tear that’s caused by constant exposure to sunlight on your home’s exterior.

Better style

Tired of your home’s plain and boring flat exterior surfaces? With textured exterior coating, you can add a more dynamic finish to your home. This is a good option for homes with more traditional home themes, but can also work for contemporary home designs. Combine textured exterior coating with the right color choices and you can make even the dullest parts of your home look more interesting.

Less maintenance

Because most external coatings have either waterproof or UV-resistant components, they are less likely to experience problems associated with paint, such as bubbling or peeling. This makes for low-maintenance home exteriors that won’t easily compromise your home’s weather resistance.

Longer lifespan

It’s not uncommon for paint to show signs of cracking or bubbling within just a couple of years, and a fresh layer of paint usually has to be reapplied every five years; exterior wall coatings can easily last twice or thrice as long, yet still look as good as new (some can even last for as long as 20 years!)

How can you fully enjoy the benefits provided by exterior coatings? By finding the right options! Find out more in the last part of this blog series.