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Choosing your home’s exterior colors is an exciting venture. Nevertheless, your exteriors should look just the way you wanted it, given the costs. Changing your mind halfway through this project can prove costly, after all.

If you’re unsure on what colors are perfect for the modern home, let your trusted coating company in Covington, Louisiana, help you with these lovely options.

Exterior Colors for Your Home

While white clapboard and gray roofs are a classic choice, there’s no harm in choosing bolder colors for your home’s exteriors. Set aside the traditional and consider the following:

1. Sage Green. Bring the lively and natural ambience of the bayou to your home with this color option. Sage green will work well if your home has plenty of greenery and bright flowers that complement it.

2. Purple. This hue may seem like an unusual color, but it will do a great job of making your home stand out. With this as exterior paint, choosing a shade with gray undertones will work best.

3. Yellow. This option is always in style, providing your home a bright, joyful look that will complement the Louisianan greenery.

4. Blue. Enjoy the calming beauty of blue exterior paint. You can set this off with black trim to bring the brooding waters of Lake Pontchartrain to your home.

Mid South Coatings for Quality Exterior Coats

When looking for lovely hues for your home’s exteriors, turn to Mid South Coatings. As the leading New Orleans home improvement contractor, we will make sure that your home will excel in curb appeal with our TEX-COTE® coating system. It is an advanced coating that is thicker than traditional paint, providing superior protection and lasting beauty for your home.

With TEX-COTE®, you’ll also benefit from reduced cooling bills, as it can minimize the temperature outside your home by up to 40 degrees. This makes sure your home is comfortably cool under the hot and humid Louisianan weather. This product is available in a virtually limitless choice of colors that will not fade, flake, or peel.

For diverse color options and excellent coating services in New Orleans and surrounding areas, contact Mid South Coatings. Call us today at (888) 291-0090 for a free estimate.