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A number of exterior painting manufacturers use microspheres for their products. They believe that these microscopic materials can drastically reduce energy bills while providing exemplary protection for exterior walls. These claims, however, are scientifically incorrect. Mid South Coatings, your trusted exterior coating company, shares some ceramic microsphere myths that simply aren’t true.

They Can Decrease Energy Costs

You have probably heard about the “wonders” of microspheres. The alleged “nanotechnology” behind these ceramic beads was often associated with heat reflection. This link, however, has been debunked many times.

As a matter of fact, one coating manufacturer has been charged by the FederaL Trade Commission (FTC) for making unverified claims. The FTC has even said that there is no real evidence that the company’s product can actually stop heat penetration or cut energy costs by up to 40%.

Unlike exterior painting, Mid South Coatings COOLWALL®, an innovative coating product, prevents invisible infrared heat while keeping walls cooler. The pigments we use for our coatings utilize the same technology developed for the U.S. Navy.

They Can Deflect Heat

Companies selling coatings with fixed ceramic microspheres base their energy efficiency claims on the concept that these hollow beads create air barriers to lower thermal conductivity. The truth is, a regular ceramic microsphere coating is only 0.01” thick. This will hardly make any difference in minimizing thermal conductivity.

Some manufacturers also declare that their ceramic microspheres reflect heat to lessen the temperature of the wall to which they are applied. The loophole: they only conducted tests using white coatings. This means that the reflective values of their paint or coating are no more than a non-ceramic coating.

Compared to exterior painting, our patented TEX-COTE® is thicker than typical paint, providing lifetime superior protection. It blocks a considerable amount of heat, prohibits the harsh effect of UV rays, and trims down cooling costs by almost 22%.

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