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It’s no secret that certain colors can affect your mood. White, for example, is a neutral, calm color, which is why it’s a popular choice for homes. This effect on your mood is why it’s important to choose the appropriate color palette for your home’s new exterior coating.

Color Establishes Atmosphere

Your home’s frontage establishes the “look” of your entire home, so it’s no surprise that your choice color palette will affect how well this translates in terms of visuals. As a general rule, you want your facade to be serene and inviting, so use a neutral color for your coating, nothing too loud or too dark.

We suggest getting September Cream or Orange Scent for your exterior coating if you want to make your exterior more Zen. These two are light, but have subtle shades in them, which gives your frontage a deep and inviting look that a plain white color can’t provide.

Color and Mood

You want warm colors if your goal is to create a welcoming frontage as it elicits soft, comforting feelings while also suppressing negative emotions. Earthy colors, such as Tangerine, are ideal since they are naturally “warm” to look at. Shades such as Glen Green and Village Green, while technically “deep” colors, are great as well since they are still rather earthy.

Superior Coating Systems

At Mid South Coatings, our exterior coating systems aren’t just all for show. They’re high-performance coatings that will protect your home and make it more energy-efficient. If you’re not sure what color to get for your coating, allow us to pick the right one that brings out the beauty of your home’s architectural style.

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