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Ceramic microspheres are “insulating paint additives” that promise to noticeably reduce utility bills. However, time has proven that they’re too good to be true. The paint and coating manufacturers market them as an excellent energy efficiency solution, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

As the Gulf Coast region’s authority in TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® exterior coating system, Mid South Coatings says that the facts simply don’t back up the claims of the manufacturers that use ceramic microspheres. For starters, here are the biggest myths about them:

They Reduce Thermal Conductivity

Marketers of ceramic microspheres claim that these embedded, hollow beads deliver energy savings because they create an “air barrier” to lower thermal conductivity. In reality, “insulating paint” is not a miracle product. An average coating of ceramic microspheres is just 0.01-inch thick, which hardly provides any heat resistance at all.

The tests used to support these claims are deceiving. They used white coatings to make it seem like ceramic microspheres are effective in reflecting heat and keep the wall temperature low. But since it’s white, the results would have been the same with non-ceramic coatings of the same color.

They Trim Energy Costs by 40%

Time and again, the Federal Trade Commission has indirectly considered ceramic microspheres as snake oil by penalizing the manufacturers for making unsubstantiated claims. On the contrary, TEX-COTE COOLWALL exterior coating system has been proven to deliver almost 22% energy savings based on a study by the Department of Energy.

They Come From NASA Technology

In hopes of gaining legitimacy, manufacturers claim that ceramic microspheres got their insulative properties from NASA technology. The agency has already clarified they have never worked with any of these companies to develop any product even remotely like ceramic beads.

By contrast, the TEX-COTE COOLWALL exterior coating system utilizes U.S. military technology for reducing plane and vehicle heat signature. Its highly advanced, reflective pigment allows it to absorb less heat from the sun and block ultraviolet (UV) radiation, too.

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