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Weatherproofing is a serious matter. Taking it lightly could turn home into a furnace during summer and be susceptible to water damage due to frequent rain throughout the year.

To reinforce your defense against nature, Mid South Coatings shares several practical tips you should use:

Keep Your Roof Cool

Your roofing system is your home’s primary layer of protection against the elements, so it only makes sense to extend its life for as long as possible. To do that, you have to make it immune to its archenemies: the sun, dirt, mold, and mildew. They all absorb heat and raise your roof’s temperature, accelerating its wear and tear.

Applying advanced exterior coating is the elegant solution to keep your roofing system serviceable for a long period. The TEX-COTE® REFLECT-TEC™ is a key retrofit to boost your roof’s reflective properties, UV defense, and resistance to dirt and different kinds of organic growth.

Invest in an Exterior Coating System (Not Paint)

Many homeowners spend an insane amount of money for decades on repainting. While it’s effective in repelling moisture and prevent decay, its benefits only last for a few years.

The real investment is the TEX-COTE COOLWALL® exterior coating system. Its application only needs to be done once, eliminating the hassles of periodic scraping and painting for a lifetime. With its highly reflective pigments, it blankets your home against the undesirable portions of the solar spectrum, making your walls exceptionally energy-efficient.

Look for Robust Warranties

Discerning homeowners only buy products with stellar warranties. Many guarantees expire by the time you really need them. In addition, some of them are made to protect the interests of the manufacturer and installer, not yours.

Strong, pro-customer warranty coverage gives more bang for your buck, protecting you against defects in manufacturing, material, and workmanship for a reasonable period. Do your due diligence and read the fine print to understand its limitations and exclusions.

Get the Right Help

When investing in an exterior coating system, you can’t just hire anybody. Call real experts that know how to apply the product flawlessly and are adept at carrying out the job with excellence.

Mid South Coatings is one of the few companies that has mastered the application of TEX-COTE products. We use a 10-step process to deliver faultless work safely and efficiently. This way, we effectively minimize disruption and provide the best home improvement experience.

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