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Instead of just painting your exterior, make sure protect it, as well. Our exterior coating can protect your exterior from damage, reduce your utility bills, and make your home cooler and more comfortable. Mid South Coatings can apply the advanced TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® coating system for your home. This exterior coating is the smart alternative to paint. Here’s why:

What is the TEX-COTE COOLWALL Coating System?

As the leading exterior painting contractor in New Orleans, LA, we pride ourselves in providing our customers the best products. The TEX-COTE COOLWALL Coating System utilizes the same advanced radar-deflecting technology used by US Navy ships and stealth aircraft.

Our coating features special pigments that reflect a significant amount of the sun’s UV rays. This leads to your walls absorbing less energy. According to research by the Department of Energy, this coating can reduce the exterior temperature of walls by up to 40 degrees.

What are the benefits of this coating?

Cooler walls lead to cooler interiors. In fact, tests by the Department of Energy also show that you can gain energy bill savings of up to 21.9% when you use the TEX-COTE COOLWALL coating. Your energy bill savings also helps the environment. Your reduced energy consumption can also lower the pollution created by power plants.

In addition, the reduced temperature also means there will be less wear and tear because of thermal expansion and contraction. This greatly lowers the risk of rippling and crackling in your exterior. Finally, as an expert exterior painting company in Baton Rouge, LA, we only need to apply this coating once. Unlike paint, this coating doesn’t need to scraping and reapplication every few years. This eliminates the exposure to harmful volatile organic compounds present in many paint formulations.

TEX-COTE COOLWALL coating is thicker than paint and lasts for the lifetime of the building. As a specialist in exterior coating and exterior painting in Lafayette, Louisiana, we developed a 10-step application process to ensure a perfect coat. This process will restore damaged areas of your exterior to make sure that the coating stays. We also utilize high-pressure application to ensure lasting and durable protection.

Mid South Coatings can make your home look its best while cutting your energy bill costs. It can also last a lifetime, why paint again? For your peace of mind, we also offer you the protection of a three-year labor warranty and lifetime product warranty. Call us at (888) 291-0090 to learn more about the COOLWALL Coating System or to get a free estimate.