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When choosing an exterior coating contractor for your home or business, you need to be an excellent interviewer to hire the right one. Otherwise, you might realize that you have picked the wrong company just when you have just signed on the dotted line.

As you exercise due diligence, ask these important questions:

Do You Have a License?

Entrust your project only to a licensed home improvement contractor, like Mid South Coatings. Only companies that have acquired the necessary competency licensing can guarantee quality work. Plus, you can rest assured that they play by the rules. Unlicensed contractors have a reputation for ripping customers off.

How Long Will the Project Take to Complete?

You cannot tell how long an exterior coating project could last because it depends on several factors. The weather can expedite or prolong the process. The size of the wall and extent of property damage also affect the project’s timeline. Pros can only provide a reasonable estimate after a site inspection.

What Warranties Do You Provide?

In most cases, product and labor warranties are deal-breakers. The comprehensiveness and length of the guarantee often determine how confident the contractor is about their products and work. If the company’s claims are out of tune with the levels of protection they are willing to provide you, move on, and take your business elsewhere.

Our coating company offers industry-leading warranties. Our TEX-COAT® COOLWALL® system comes with a lifetime product warranty, protecting it against fading, blistering, chipping, peeling, and flaking forever. On the other hand, our roof coating materials have a 10-year product warranty. To show the level of workmanship we bring to the table, we stand behind our work with a three-year labor warranty.

What Is Your BBB Rating?

The company’s rating from the Better Business Bureau says a lot of things. It generally speaks of the complaint history of the business, showing how well it handles and resolves disputes. Companies with bad BBB ratings generally have questionable business ethical practices, including failure to be transparent with customers.

At Mid South Coatings, we are one of the few exterior coating companies in the region with an A+ BBB rating, the highest any contractor could get. Our impeccable BBB record reflects our brand of customer service.

Entrust your exterior coating project with the most trusted company in the region. If you have more questions to ask Mid South Coatings, call (888) 291-0090 today. We’ll be happy to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate in Lafayette, New Orleans, or Covington, Louisiana, at your convenience.