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When adding life to your home exterior, the industry is never short of coating solutions. The most popular option remains regular paint, which comes in an impressive range of colors. However, standard paint products usually lack cooling properties to stand up to heat. Plus, most exterior painters still do old-fashioned brushing, leading to uneven application and thin coating.

Another exterior coating option that has been making a lot of noise is ceramic micro-spheres. Manufacturers make big claims about their energy efficiency, but these claims are largely unproven. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission slammed at least one manufacturer, saying that there’s no solid verifiable evidence that ceramic beads and nanoparticles can reflect significant solar radiation.

To guarantee the success of your exterior coating project, Mid South Coatings shares sound pieces of advice:

Choose an Option That Scientifically Works

Do your due diligence and choose a product that delivers proven performance. One of the most reliable coating products in the market is the TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® system. It optimizes a technology originally developed for the U.S. Navy. Its reflecting coating innovation is found on stealth aircraft.

If it’s good enough for the military, it’s certainly perfect for your home. Actually, TEX-COTE COOLWALL’s advanced reflective pigments achieve the performance results claimed by ceramic microspheres.

Hire a Perfectionist Contractor

Not all contractors provide a coating service with great attention to detail. Sadly, many companies cut corners to get the job done fast, failing to properly prepare the exterior walls for the coating. In turn, premature failures happen all the time.

But the same can’t be said about Mid South Coatings. As an experienced and reputable home improvement contractor in the Gulf Coast, we follow our 10-step process to the letter so we can carry out exterior painting projects efficiently. From initial inspection to clean-up, we guarantee to get work done right the first time.

Put a Premium on Warranties

An exterior coating project is a serious expense. Without stellar warranties, you have no reliable insurance against product defects and workmanship errors.

Unlike other contractors, our coating company offers solid guarantees. Our exterior wall coatings come with a lifetime product warranty, while our roof coating materials are backed by 10-year coverage. In addition, we provide a 3-year labor warranty, proving that we take responsibility for our actions.

If you’re searching for an exterior coating contractor you can trust, look no further than Mid South Coatings. To get your project in New Orleans, Covington, or Lafayette, Louisiana, started, call us today at (888) 291-0090 for your free, no-obligation estimate.