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Think of the exterior coating as the skin of a home or a commercial building. It’s what people notice first when they pass by. It also serves as a shield against harsh weather and elements. More importantly, it can improve the energy efficiency of your home. This is where Mid South Coatings can be of help.

Our TEX-COTE® technology provides your home or business establishment high-quality exterior painting in Metairie, LA. It helps cut down on energy bills by regulating the temperature inside your property.

Here’s how:

Uses Advanced Technology

Using latest technology, our TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® features state-of-the-art reflective pigments that protect a property’s exterior from heat energy, preventing the temperature inside from increasing too much. This technology is the same that U.S. Navy ships and stealth fighters use, so you can definitely depend on its quality.

Saves Energy

Because such exterior painting in Mandeville, LA, deflects heat, it keeps your property cool during hot days. This eliminates the need for your air conditioning to work harder, significantly lowering your cooling bills. It also helps the environment because too much use of cooling systems can be harmful.

Prevents Water Penetration

If you’re living in humid and moist climates, this coating is beneficial. It’s 10 times thicker than traditional paint, helping prevent water penetration that can damage the property’s structure. Even if it’s thick, however, it doesn’t let mold and mildew to grow by giving the underlying surface room to breathe.

These are some of the ways Mid South Coatings can provide you more than just a simple exterior painting in Lafayette, LA. Our products are available in high grade paint and in different colors and finishes. This lets you get aesthetic value in addition to energy efficiency. In addition, our crew consists of professionals who follow a 10-step process to ensure the coating’s proper application.

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