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A well-maintained home requires hiring an exterior painting contractor every three years or so, which is a few times too many in such a short period. The good news is, TEX-COTE® products can help you break this cycle. A single application of our products like COOLWALL® can end years of fading and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Here’s how a typical TEX-COTE installation goes:

1. Inspection – Our installation team inspects your existing exterior and identifies areas that might require repairs, including spots that may be flaking or peeling or have obvious signs of damage.

2. Trenching – Our installers dig a shallow trench around the exterior walls. This allows us to apply coatings below the grass line, which adds protection to your foundations and helps limit ground moisture capillary action.

3. Pressure Washing – We remove dirt, stains and growths like algae or mildew using a powerful pressure washer. This step also helps reveal spots that may need repair and gives us a clean work surface. We have yet to know of another exterior painting company that takes this care to ensure a clean installation.

4. Repairs and Patching – We repair and patch all problem areas we find using TEX-COTE TEX-BOND™ and FLEX PATCH® for a uniform final surface.

5. Masking – We mask and cover all surfaces that do not require TEX-COTE, such as trim and window frames. We do the same for landscaping surrounding the work areas.

6. Smooth Primer – We apply a base layer of TEX-COTE COOLWALL using a powerful spray applicator. The 3,000-psi pressure forces the coating into the smallest of pores, creating an even and thick armor that works like a roof’s underlayment.

7. Inspecting the Primer – We inspect and address imperfections on the primer layer.

8. TEX-COTE COOLWALL Application – After the primary layer has firmly settled, we apply a thick coat of TEX-COTE COOLWALL again using a powerful spray method. Two coats are applied: a coat of your chosen exterior color and a clear protective layer. The top coat has the cooling properties that reflect heat from the sun and helps reduce your monthly energy costs significantly.

9: TRIM-COTE® Application – We remove the masking from the trim and frames and apply TRIM-COTE to these areas. This adds the same level of protection that TEX-COTE provides.

10: Final Inspection and Cleanup – Your exterior then undergoes a final inspection before we issue the warranty. Finally, we clean all work areas, including the dug trenches, and leave your home clean.

Learn more about TEX-COTE and its benefits over typical exterior painting. Call Mid South Coatings today at (888) 291-0090, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate. We serve many areas in and near New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA.