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Many homeowners consider their homes as one of their biggest assets. They invest a lifetime of savings into their homes to make sure these are beautiful and efficient. Nonetheless, maintenance costs can be a burden if they need to repaint regularly to prevent their home from losing its charm.

Fortunately, there is a way to preserve your home’s beauty without exceeding your budget. An effective way to do this is by using TEX-COTE® coating system from Mid South Coatings. In this entry, we discuss its features, along with the benefits it provides.

TEX-COTE® Coating System

Most homeowners choose to repaint their homes every few years just so their exteriors would remain efficient and pleasing to the eyes. With TEX-COTE as your exterior coating in New Orleans, LA, you never have to spend your precious money on frequent repainting again.

TEX-COTE is an innovative coating technology that is more durable than traditional paint. Even if it is thicker than paint, it is still breathable and flexible. It also contains reflective pigments that are the same as those used in protecting U.S. Navy ships.

The Benefits

TEX-COTE offers many advantages over ordinary paint, including:

  • High level of energy efficiency – TEX-COTE contains advanced pigments that can reflect sunlight. These help in regulating your interior heat, keeping your home comfortable.
  • Eye-catching beauty – Our TEX-COTE exterior coating in Covington, LA, is available in stunning colors and finishes. It helps prevent your exteriors from fading, keeping it beautiful for many years.
  • Excellent warranty coverage – Our TEX-COTE products will not peel, decay, or crack even under harsh weather conditions. These also come with a five-year transfer option for new homeowners, a 10-year product warranty on all roof-coating materials, and a three-year labor warranty.
  • Maximum protection – TEX-COTE is resistant to water penetration, keeping water away from your interiors.

Our TEX-COTE coating system is your lasting solution to maintain your home’s beauty and efficiency. To experience the benefits it provides, get in touch with Mid South Coatings today. We are the leading provider of quality exterior coating in both residential and commercial properties in LA. Available in various colors and finishes, our products will help you attain the attractive and comfortable home you want for your family.

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