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Looks, they say, aren’t everything. But it certainly doesn’t hurt a business to look good. With so much to spend for and so many expenses to consider, is keeping up appearances something worth investing in? Mid South Coatings believes so, especially when you get a little value on top of aesthetics. With TEX-COTE®, you get the following benefits:

The Basics

TEX-COTE is really good for exterior painting in Metairie, LA. With a wide range of colors to choose from, topped with very attractive finishes, it does the very basic job that it was meant to do. So it will put a fine sheen on your business for sure. But that’s where any similarities to regular paint end.

The Energy Saver

Used in conjunction with our COOLWALL® system, TEX-COTE reduces the temperature of your building’s exterior by a factor of 40 degrees. In doing so, the temperature inside your home is also lowered. That means that your home’s interior stays at comfortable temperatures, no matter how hot it gets outside. This lightens the load on your air-conditioning unit, which in turn lowers your monthly energy bills. The secret is in the coating itself—it reflects rather than absorbs most of the heat that hits its surface.

The Protector

Moving beyond just mere exterior painting in Mandeville, LA, TEX-COTE is thicker in formulation compared with regular paint. This gives it strong water-resistant properties—a big plus in climates that are humid and generally wet, like that of Louisiana. Even with its thickness, TEX-COTE still allows the surface it coats to breathe. This, in turn, prevents the growth of mildew and molds, which can pose health risks. TEX-COTE is also strong against rot and decay. All these help extend the life of your exteriors. Topping it all off is a long-lasting warranty for your protection.

So if you’re looking for a painting investment that looks great and offers long-term protection, give Mid South Coatings a try. We’ll be happy to help protect your business with you. Call us today.