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One of the most difficult things about managing a commercial property is keeping its monthly energy consumption as low as possible without compromising operational needs. In today’s post, we’ll show you how TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® exterior coating can help you achieve this and more.

How a Cool Exterior Works

Several roofing products promote themselves as “cool roofs”. These roofs operate under the principle where light-colored surfaces reflect sunlight, significantly reducing the heat absorbed. Conversely, dark surfaces absorb heat.

It works because sunlight is divided into many segments that you can group into visible and invisible rays. We perceive visible rays as the light that illuminates our surroundings, but we can’t see invisible ones just as easily. Of these invisible rays, ultraviolet (UV) and infrared are noteworthy. UV rays cause colors to fade while infrared rays carry solar heat. Interestingly, when sunlight hits a reflective surface, it bounces all rays of sunlight, visible and invisible alike.


While these roofing products are widely available, a similar product that applies to exterior walls isn’t as easy to find. A quick workaround is to simply choose white exterior wall colors. But this presents a few problems, the least of which is when it starts to flake, peel or accumulate dirt, and it’s obvious from the ground. In addition, choosing a white exterior severely limits your color choices. This is where TEX-COTE COOLWALL exterior coating comes in.

TEX-COTE COOLWALL is an exterior coating system that features advanced reflective pigments that work like cool roofs, but without the restriction to light colors. In fact, it can reduce exterior wall temperatures by up to 40 degrees. This puts less load on your property’s air conditioning system and can reduce your building’s energy use by up to 21.9%.

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