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When you put a lot of money into something, you naturally expect it to last you a long time—and in an ideal world, they do. The reality is: problems abound that can adversely affect even the best of products. That’s where warranties come in. In this article, Mid South Coatings looks at what makes our warranty coverage extra special.

A great product to begin with

For your exterior painting in Metairie, LA, we offer TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®. This branded coating is far more permanent than normal paint, and can even be used to repair wall damage in advance. Breathable and permeable, it also reduces wall temperatures, which then reduces energy costs by a good deal. It’s certainly the type of investment that you can bank on and count on to go the distance. The warranty offered on this, however, is part of the benefits on-offer.

A different kind of warranty

Most warranties on exterior painting in Mandeville, LA protect against major damage. While that’s great, it’s an even bigger help that Mid South Coatings offers coverage on even the little things. For the lifetime of your TEX-COTE COOLWALL, we will be more than happy to replace it should it encounter peeling, blistering, flaking, fading, and chipping—all things that other paints will inevitably experience over time. That speaks of the confidence we have in our product.

More than that, however, we also cover our workmanship for up to three years to ensure that we’ve finished a job well done. This is important as we pride ourselves on consummate professionalism and consistent output. Lastly, we give you the option to transfer this warranty and its benefits to a new homeowner within 5 years of its installation—all of this to ensure your complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

For an exterior coating option that’s beautiful, durable, and enduring, call on Mid South Coatings. We offer TEX-COTE COOLWALL and a protective, comprehensive, and dependable warranty covering everything. Reach out to us at (888) 291-0090 and we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the benefits of this great system.