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Whether it is a private office or a shared corporate space, work areas are supposed to be inviting and pleasing to the eye. Different studies show that colors have powerful effects on our consciousness towards our environment. The intensity of color also affects how we behave or react. Fortunately, you can count on Mid South Coatings to achieve the most appropriate design for your workplace. We utilize our TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®, the perfect substitute for exterior painting that comes with various color choices.

Read on as Mid South Coatings, your best option after an exterior painting contractor, share some tips on designing the interior of your commercial space.

Use Blue when Workspace is Big on Teamwork

Blue signifies trust and communication. This color is also favorable for keeping blood pressure under control and lowering heart rates when disagreements arise. Color your brainstorming and detail oriented spaces in blue to further improve brain activity. This hue can complement darker and much bolder accents.

Apply Shades of Green for Harmony

In psychology, verdant tones can influence the overall balance between mind, body, and emotions. It can also boost artistry, inspire innovation, and decrease stress levels. You can use this palette in your computer rooms and innovative areas to lessen eye strain and improve creative performance. Our exterior painting substitute offers different tones of green to fit your design.

Use Yellow to Accentuate the Room

Golden hues are ideal for high-energy creative set up. It instigates a sense of optimism and confidence while adding serenity to your office. This color, however, is favorably used as highlights to stimulate focus and direction.

Avoid Having ‘Too Much’ of Everything

Rather than having a rainbow of colors in your office, stick to high-saturated accents. Be careful not to have too much of one particular color and make sure to balance all the elements. Keep rooms simple and classy.

At Mid South Coatings, we specialize in coating commercial spaces to complete the overall ambiance. We use TEX-COTE COOLWALL exterior coating to protect any structure from harsh elements. It will also keep your interior spaces cozy while reducing energy usage by up to 21.9%. We are your number one alternative to an exterior painting company. Call us at (888) 291-0090 and let’s work together to bring out the best in your home. We serve various areas in Louisiana, including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette, LA.