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In any home improvement, the goal is always to reduce disruption, boost efficiency, minimize the cost and maximize the work’s longevity. However, it’s hard to get excellent results with poor planning. An exterior coating project is no exception.

Even if an experienced coating company can do the heavy lifting for you, there are things you can do to make life easier for everyone. For us at Mid South Coatings, here’s what you can do to properly prepare your home for the project:

Declutter the Work Areas

Remove all outdoor items that may slow down the crew. Temporarily move your patio furniture, lawn ornaments, garden hoses and lights away from the job area. If you have a satellite dish installed near the wall, call your service provider to relocate it ahead of the project to avoid inconvenience.

Trim Nearby Foliage

Any experienced home improvement contractor considers clearance of surrounding greenery key to seamless exterior coating. Any shrubs or trees in close contact to the walls can serve as obstacles to the crew. Your project may take longer to complete if they have to fight stems, branches and thorns every step of the way. The plants can hit the wet wall after coating, potentially compromising its integrity.

Ready the Interior for Wall Damage Repair

The crew will have to do some repairs if there’s wall damage to create a smooth and structurally sound surface for coating. If the problem is serious, it may take more than just simple patching up. The repair may involve the replacement of some parts of your siding. If you have fragile interior items, such as hanging picture frames or china on display, put them somewhere else before the construction.

At Mid South Coatings, we developed a 10-step process to guarantee a stress-free project all the time. To learn more about it and schedule your free, no-obligation estimate in New Orleans, Covington or Lafayette, LA, call us at (888) 291-0090 now.