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Given the problems with climate change and the need for more savings, energy efficiency is increasingly becoming an important feature today. One way to improve your energy savings is by having a cool roof. It can help regulate your interior temperatures by reflecting harmful rays and absorbing less heat.

As the top contractor for exterior painting in Metairie, LA, and the surrounding areas, Mid South Coatings understands the need for cool roofs. Let us discuss with you the many ways they can benefit your home.

Features of a Cool Roof

Ordinary roofing options can absorb harmful rays, heating things up quick. As a result, your cooling systems need to work harder to keep your home comfortable. In general, the key to making roofs cool is by applying a highly reflective paint. Other materials, such as sheet covering and reflective tiles can help as well.

For a quality cool roof, Mid South Coatings recommends applying our exclusive TEX-COTE® REFLECT-TEC™ heat reflective coating. Along with our superior exterior painting in Lafayette, LA, this can help you achieve a cooler and more efficient home for your family. Your utility systems won’t have to work overtime to keep you cool. As a result, you can save more on energy costs.


This innovative system coats roofing systems completely, minimizing the risk of damage caused by harmful rays. It uses a Kynar Aquatec® Fluorpolymer material that boosts its reflective properties. This means more comfortable spaces and lower energy bills from relying less on your artificial conditioning. In addition, it is highly resistant to dirt and other unsafe substances. You can also apply this to other popular roofing options, such as asphalt shingles and slate, due to the coating’s versatility. It comes in an extensive range of colors to fit any type of exterior painting in Mandeville, LA. You get to choose the one that will meet your needs.

Mid South Coatings offers only the most efficient and practical solutions for your home. Through our revolutionary materials and services, we can provide you with cool roofs that will greatly increase your comfort and savings. Give us a call today at (888) 291-0090 and we’ll be happy to address any concerns you might have.