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Is exterior painting worth it? This is the million-dollar question homeowners keep asking themselves after spending serious money just to beautify their homes for a few years. If you really think about it, why would you repaint repeatedly for decades when you can instead coat your home exterior with TEX-COTE® for just one time?

Consider the real cost of exterior painting. If you live in a four-bedroom home with a deck, repainting for 21 years would set you back more than on average $66,000. But that’s not all: Imagine the disruption and mess you’d have to deal with and the time you’d waste when you tackle multiple painting projects.

The practical answer is no. Exterior painting is not worth the huge burden that comes with it. The real solution is to invest in TEX-COTE products to weatherproof your home and improve its curb appeal for good.

As the premier provider of TEX-COTE solutions, Mid South Coatings shares what we bring to the table any exterior painting contractor couldn’t match:

Cool Alternative

The TEX-COTE coating system is the green substitute to traditional painting products. Apart from lending your home exterior an attractive look, it would act as a mirror to the sun. It has patented reflective pigments, which blocks intense, heat-causing infrared radiation. It deflects damaging ultraviolet rays too, reducing the chances of fading and extends its life. Although its formulation is thick, it allows your exterior walls to breathe out moisture.

Fast and Efficient Application

We follow a 10-step process to apply the TEX-COTE coating system. We know what it takes to identify and repair damaged areas, clean the walls thoroughly, and ensure consistent coating. All members of our crew are properly trained to finish the job on time with minimal disruption and mess.

Strong Warranties

How do you know you can rely on the TEX-COTE coating system? We stand behind our product and work by providing you stellar guarantees. No exterior painting company could rival the lifetime warranty that comes with all TEX-COTE COOLWALL® products. They’re guaranteed not to peel, chip, blister, flake, and fade. Also, we provide 3-year labor coverage and a 10-year product warranty on all roof coating materials.

Put your money on the solution that’s worth it. Call Mid South Coatings at (888) 291-0090 for your free estimate in Lafayette, New Orleans, or Baton Rouge, LA, and let’s discuss your Louisiana project.