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In a way, your home’s coat of paint is a statement. It’s a clear expression of your tastes, your preferences, your disposition, and your character. It’s also a long-term investment, so you’ll naturally want to hire the very best for the task. Mid South Coatings has several great reasons why we’re the company to choose for your exterior coating needs.

1. Careful attention to detail

It takes this exterior painting contractor in New Orleans, LA 10 steps to fully apply our exterior coating. That’s because our process includes a thorough inspection of the work area, careful application of the different coats, and another inspection and a clean up session to ensure that the job was done to perfection.

2. Local area knowledge

Being a part of this community for many years now has given us a firm grasp of the different conditions that your homes are constantly subjected to. This allows us to make better recommendations for your exterior paints. It also means that it’s easy enough for you to ask around about the quality of our work.

3. COOLWALL® technology

This innovative technology from TEX-COTE® is a more permanent coating option than paint itself. Its special formulation provides protection against most elements and will not require reapplication over the years. As the name implies, it also reduces wall temperatures that, in turn, reduces energy costs by over 21.9%.

4. Warranty coverage

One thing that makes Mid South Coatings different from any other exterior painting company in Baton Rouge, LA is our truly comprehensive warranty coverage. It lasts a lifetime because our TEX-COTE COOLWALL product includes little problems like flaking, blistering, peeling, chipping, and fading that tend to get excluded from other warranties. It’s also transferrable and includes coverage on labor as well.

If you want exterior paint that truly lasts, do away with the rest and call Mid South Coatings today at (888) 291-0090. We’ll be glad to talk to you about our exterior coating options and the many ways our specific brand benefits you and your home.