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In times when the environmental challenges we face come at us from the left and right, living in a green home is the dream. It’s your moral obligation to choose environmentally smart products to help preserve a clean, comfortable, and healthy world. Besides, embracing green building practices yields financial rewards too. It’s a win-win situation for all.

As coating company with an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, Mid South Coatings recommends investing in TEX-COTE® COOLWALL®. From an environmental standpoint, this revolutionary coating system is the ultimate alternative to traditional painting.

Here’s why you should say no to periodic scraping and painting, and say yes to TEX-COTE COOLWALL:

Reduces Household Greenhouse Emissions

The TEX-COTE COOLWALL is up to 200% more reflective than ordinary paint. It features highly advanced reflective pigments, the same technology used by high-tech “stealth” aircraft to deflect radar.

Coating your walls with it can make them cooler by up to 40 degrees, weakening the sun’s ability to heat your home, especially during muggy summers. In turn, you wouldn’t have to use your air conditioner to achieve your desired indoor climate, trimming your utility costs. Less energy consumption means a smaller amount of greenhouse gases released to the atmosphere. Protecting your home with this exterior coating lets you help reduce energy demand, which would then lower the pollution power plants generate.

Mitigates the Urban Heat Island Effect

Experts agree that investing in a cool roof is an effective strategy to combat the urban heat island effect. Add the benefits of having cool exterior walls, your home would contribute to keeping your neighborhood cool and clean.

Minimizing VOC Exposure

Any experienced home improvement contractor would say that traditional paint deteriorates with time, calling for the need for reapplication multiple times for decades. Apart from spending a minimum of $53,000 for at least 21 years, tackling painting projects often exposes your family to harmful chemicals.

Choosing to the TEX-COTE COOLWALL coating system eliminates constant exposure to volatile organic compounds. It only requires one application for life, which is why you can forget about coating your exterior walls again after the project.

Take a step closer toward living in a green home with TEX-COTE COOLWALL. For your FREE estimate in New Orleans, Covington, or Lafayette, LA, call Mid South Coatings today at (888) 291-0090. We’ll be happy to shed further light on our meticulous process, stellar warranties, and other green coating products for the rest of your home.