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Scraping and painting a home seems like a necessary chore that every homeowner must do eventually. On one hand, you don’t want an appalling exterior but on the other, you don’t want to waste too much time and money. Thanks to the superiority of TEX-COTE® from Mid South Coatings, however, you can coat your exterior once and for all.

We are the expert in exterior painting in Lafayette, LA, and the only contractor in New Orleans to provide this coating product. Our 10-Step Process not only cuts down on the application time, but also provides expertise of service. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Inspection – We perform a thorough assessment of your home exterior to identify areas that need repairs. This allows for a smooth coating surface.

2. Trenching – If your siding extends into the ground, we’ll dig a light trench around it so that the coating can cover it completely.

3. Pressure Washing – We clean the exterior of your home using a powerful press washing system.

4. Patch & Repair – We use our specially formulated TEX-BOND® and FLEX PATCH® products to repair damaged areas. Only a few companies doing exterior painting in Metairie, LA take the time to do this.

5. Masking – We’ll cover any surface that isn’t up for coating. This can include doors, windows, and driveways.

6. Primer Application – Our COOLWALL® Smooth Primer serves as a foundation for the actual coating. This layer will remain in place for all time.

7. Coating Inspection – After the primer, we’ll inspect the entire exterior again to ensure an even coverage. We also do this to make sure that the layer presents a uniform thickness level.

8. TEX-COTE COOLWALL® Supercoat – This coating comes in a range of colors, and we apply it using a high-pressure technique. One application is enough to guarantee a lasting protection against fading and warping.

9. TRIM-COTE® – Next, we focus on the trim around the windows, doors, and edges of your home. These get the same care as the exterior along with an application of our special TRIM-COTE® for quality protection.

10. Clean Up and Final Inspection – We’ll perform a complete clean up and inspect your home one last time to make sure everything is as it should be.

Mid South Coatings understands the importance of having a beautiful home that protects you from the elements. Make us your home improvement contractor today and you’ll never need to repaint your house again. Give us a call at (888) 291-0090 for a FREE estimate.