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The Exterior Coating Solution For Your Home

Coating Technology That Makes Painting Obsolete

Mid South Coatings lifetime solution will end the cycle of the time-consuming scraping and painting your home every few years, saving you money. Mid South Coatings is the only company that offers the TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® system, the ultimate solution in exterior coating for the entire Gulf Coast.

TEX-COTE® COOLWALL® is an advanced coating technology that eliminates your need to ever waste money on another paint job. The secret is: It’s not paint, but a coating material that is applied right to the exterior of your home and roof!

Thicker is Better

TEX-COTE® by Mid South Coatings is thicker than paint to provide superior protection for your home. One coat of TEX-COTE® is all you need for the life of your home – guaranteed! No other exterior coating can make that promise and back it up.

The Best Quality in Exterior Coating

We will coordinate every aspect of your exterior coating project to include quality workmanship, brand-name materials and outstanding customer service.

Professional Exterior Painters

Mid South Coatings

Your Best Choice

Mid South Coatings provides complete start-to-finish services, including all wall repair and preparation prior to application. With our TEX-COTE® lifetime solution, you can draw a close to scraping and painting every few years.

I really have to thank Mid South Coatings for adding such value to my home. If you are thinking about changing the color of your home, you should give Mid South Coatings an opportunity to show you what they can do for you.

– Michael & Susan W., Metairie, LA –

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