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The Real Cost of Painting

Do You Know the True Cost of Painting Your Home?

Keeping your home looking nice is a challenge in the humid, moist Gulf Coast climate. But do you realize how expensive it can be to paint a home every few years? Real estate and construction experts say that your home’s exterior should be painted at least every 7 years, and more frequently in a damp climate.

Look how the cost of painting can add up over time when you rely on a typical exterior painting company (assuming a modest 3% inflation rate):

# of Years3-Bedroom Home4-Bedrooms Home4-Bedrooms Home w/Dec
Now$9,800 – $12,600$11,500 – $14,800$12,500 – $15,800
7$12,000 – $15,050$13,730 – $17,675$14,925 – $18,865
14$14,325 – $17,970$16,395 – $21,100$17,825 – $22,525
21$17,100 – $21,450$19,575 – $25,195$21,285 – $26,895
Total$53,225 – $67,070$61,200 – $78,770$66,535 – $84,085

Now add in the “hidden costs” of time, disruption and mess and the cycle of painting your home becomes a huge burden. But what if you could coat your home once and then stop worrying about it forever? There’s no need to spend more than $50,000 just to keep your home’s exterior looking good when an excellent alternative like TEX-COTE® from Mid South Coatings is available.

No More Painting with TEX-COTE® Exterior Coating.

TEX-COTE® eliminates the need to scrape and paint your home every few years. Our formulation is thicker than paint, yet still allows the surface beneath to breathe. TEX-COTE® provides a lifetime of protection with a single application. Because the formulation of TEX-COTE® includes patented reflective pigments, there is less heating and cooling of the exterior of your home, which reduces fading and greatly extends the life of the coating. You’ll never need to paint your home again – guaranteed! And it can even reduce your home cooling cost by up to 21.9%.*

Choose the Alternative to Exterior Painting.

If you are shopping for an exterior painting company, stop looking! Make a smarter investment in your home by calling Mid South Coatings to protect your home for a lifetime with our superior TEX-COTE® product.

Homeowners around Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and the nearby LA areas can call us at (888) 291-0090 or complete our convenient online request form to schedule a free, no obligation estimate to protect their homes with TEX-COTE®.

* Percentage of savings are based on the DOE study which showed savings ranging from 4.2-21.9%. Percentage of cooling costs and surface temperature reductions will vary based on color chosen, geographical location, climate condition, and substrate type. In some climates, there may be a heating penalty. See DOE supporting data for more information.

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